Mayani Meza was born in Austin, TX and celebrated her sweet sixteen in October 2018.  She’s had a mic in hand since the age of three and has no plans to set it down anytime soon. 

She is a sophomore at Cedar Ridge High School in Round Rock and the solo vocalist for the jazz band and marching band.  Outside of school, she’s been giggin’ locally for the past two years.    

Mayani is in her fourth year of vocal training, a beginner on the piano and has recently shown interest in learning guitar.  Her love for music stems across numerous genres such as pop, country, R&B, jazz and most recently rock.  The girl also loves 80’s music!

She is a published model, loves the runway and holds three international titles for Worlds Perfect Pageant.   While those events are fun, music remains her passion.    

Attending concerts, shopping and spending time with friends and family are top on her list.  She views make up as an art and loves to make-over her girlfriends while jamming out.  

Her influences include Ariana Grande, Carrie Underwood, Adele, Bruno Mars, Jennifer Hudson and Leon Bridges.  

Her vocal style tends to be bluesy but varies on genre.  She supports causes important to her and always open to serve the community. Mayani has a facebook fan page and her youtube channel dates back several years.  You can find her by searching: Mayani ATX. 

After 4 years of classical piano lessons, Ryan declared he wanted to quit piano and play guitar.

Ryan loves to play Rock music. He challenged himself and played “Panama” at the age of 11. He is now 15 & rock is still his favorite!


Ryan got his first guitar as a Christmas gift. It was a toy guitar because his parents did not think he was serious about learning it and was only using it as an excuse to quit playing piano. However, even though it was a toy guitar, he learned all the chords by himself, before he even got a single guitar lesson and when he was 10 he even performed a song at his 4th grade school talent show. Now Ryan shreds those strings like rockstar! 


Right before he turned 11, Ryan got his first "real" guitar and started taking lessons at a local music school .


Aside from playing guitar, Ryan has swam at a competition level for almost 10 years and is currently on a swim team. Playing guitar and swimming are two of Ryan's favorite things!

Hello, I’m Jake. I’m 15 years old and I’m the bassist for Crashing

Cali. I started learning to play bass 2 year ago and love being in a band expect for being around Ryan. He is a diva. My favorite part of being in Breaking Cali is performing on stage. My favorite band is Green Day and my favorite song by them is Basket Case. When I am not playing music, I like to sit in front of the computer for hours on end until my Dad yells at me to go outside. I occasionally, I mean very occasionally, get exercise by playing basketball and doing crossfit but that is only when I am forced.


How: Jake started playing guitar but really like playing bass after trying it.

How long: 2 years

Other interests: Computer, playing in Orchestra (Bass of course)

Izzy Six is 12 years old. When he was 8 years old he was visiting his Uncle Alex in New York with his mom, sister and two brothers, when like any good parent would do, his mom took them to a children's museum. That's when he first got the taste of the drums. His mom called his dad in Austin who had stayed behind for work and when he got home, his dad had a drum kit waiting on him.

Since then, his dad has spent A LOT of money on drums. Izzy Six has been fortunate enough to have played many guest spots with bands around Austin, TX. He is even the drummer for a band called Lazy Bones that, other than Izzy Six, are all adults. And by "adults", they are all over 30, not that they are responsible or mature individuals.

Izzy Six also have a Youtube channel & Facebook page...just search Izzy Six! His two Facebook pages have over 2000 followers & friends. Not bad for an 11 year old.

He loves playing the drums more than just about anything other than eating chicken wings! His favorite music to play is rock & just like Jakey over there, Green Day is his favorite band! In his spare time, he loves hanging with his sister and two brothers and playing soccer at a competitive level.

In 2016, at 10 years old, he signed an endorsement deal with 7 Custom Drums, the youngest endorser the company has ever signed.