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Formed by Izzy Six in 2019 Crashing Cali reformed it's image and sound in 2020 as a quarantine band adding new members during "CoVid 19."

As the worldwide pandemic crippled auditions, Izzy Six, 14 years old, resorted to virtual searches wanting the best of each lead. In December 2020 an America's Got Talent Executive reached out to Izzy Six introducing a friend's daughter, Ava, 11 years old, as a "guitar great." From there everything came together. Ava brought on 13-year-old vocalist sensation, Riley, and Kobe, a 16-year-old School Of Rock All Star Bass player, was the last addition. Crashing Cali, a teen band, within a week completed a studio video cover to "Don't Stop Believing" from the iconic 80's rock group Journey. The song was chosen for the uplifting lyrics in the midst of a pandemic, pointing to a brighter future.


Crashing Cali transformed their second release of double Grammy winning Dolly Parton hit "Jolene" into their rock anthem two weeks after solidifying

their future together.

With Izzy in Austin, Texas and “the chosen three” in California, Crashing Cali has crashed into true reality.


"Crashing Cali is the #1 Kids Rock Band that will change the perception of youth bands today." - - - "America's Got Talent Casting Exec - Roxane Davis"

"Crashing Cali beats any of the teen bands I've seen in a decade. They aren't a New Kids On The Block - they are here to ROCK!" - - - - Rockstar Magazine

"I've played music for years and haven't heard bands making songs their own like this at all!" - Laura Forbes, SXSW Extraordinaire


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